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class of 2028

September 02, 2015  •  4 Comments

Wow... class of 2028...that sounds crazy to think that's when the kids entering kindergarten will be graduating. I'm teaming up with a bunch of photographers in all different locations to document what Kindergarten looks like. Well, I'm in complete denial that school starts next week. I'm not ready to send my kids back to school, and especially not ready to send my middle child off to kindergarten. I'm not beyond crazy, school supplies have been purchased and are ready to be dropped off at school, but beyond that I haven't done a thing. I'm not sure what fits in their closets, or if any shoes beyond flip flops fit. I haven't looked at any paper work from the school yet. 

Well I guess that was a introduction to my parenting style, not to worry though everything will be done, and I won't accidentally miss the first day of school. :) So what have we been doing to get ready for school? Being out side, exploring, swimming, and finding adventures. My middle child and my only daughter would be happiest if she could be outside all day. She doesn't mind playing in the dirt and loves to keep up with her older brother. I'm a little worried about her being in a classroom all day, but I know that she will do amazing. Here is what our school prep has looked like the last two weeks and a visual introduction to her.  Make sure to follow the circle around to see what the class of 2028 looks like elsewhere first up is Paige Wilks and you can find her post here 


Erin, I love the rawness and texture to these! Perfectly captured the freedom of childhood, and I love your intro. I see many similarities between our "parenting styles" ;)
Julie Moses(non-registered)
Such gorgeous images! Ember wishes she could go where you live and go outside to play with her!
paige wilks(non-registered)
Wow Erin your images are stunning! Can't wait to follow along on your sweet girls journey through kinder :)
Gretchen Willis(non-registered)
Oh Erin, these pictures capture childhood so well! I love what you've written about her (and yourself!)
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