Erin Blair Photography | Class of 2028 week 2

Class of 2028 week 2

September 09, 2015  •  1 Comment

Welcome to the 2nd installment of the Class of 2028 a blog circle of parent/photograhers whose children are starting Kindergarten this year.

She left today in a blur of excitement and energy, running out to meet the bus hand in hand with one of her best friends. Screams of laughter filled our neighbors driveway. It's hard to feel sad with so much excitement in the air, and the giggles of a day that has been anticipated. I was doing great riding on that excitement but then the thoughts that I have been pushing away all summer started creeping up. 'Did I do enough?' 'Did I appreciate all of this enough?' 'Did we have fun?' 'Did I give her the early childhood she deserved?' I know deep down the answer is yes, just as I know there are things I probably could have done to make it even better. And while that first bus ride seems so final, at 3:30 she will return with a smile on her face and all sorts of new tales to tell me. I know there are more adventures to be had, and I'm not losing her to school, I'm just sharing her.

Along with Kindergarten today she turned six yesterday. Why does that number sound so big?! I put together a little collage for her from the last year. It's funny but looking at that this morning is what put the smile on my face. All those pictures, All those memories, reminding me that yes, we had fun, yes, we appreciated life together, and yes, there is so, so, so much more to come. Kindergarten is just another adventure on our long list. 

Don't forget to see what the rest of her classmates are up to this week.  Next up is Tiffany Erb and you can check out her post here.


These are great, Erin. They seem to capture the many aspects of her personality, well done!
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