Erin Blair Photography | My Minnesota- August Edition- Fenske Lake Beach Ely Minnesota

My Minnesota- August Edition- Fenske Lake Beach Ely Minnesota

September 12, 2016  •  2 Comments

The My Minnesota blog circle has a new direction, Explore Minnesota! After bit of a break we are back at it, sharing a place, near or far, that we visited during the month. This group is full of talented women, who I am so happy to call friends, that love to take time and document their own lives. Make sure to follow the circle, and maybe discover some new places. First up is my friend Tina Fisher, go check out where she explored last month. 

In August we took a vacation to Ely, Minnesota, where we spent the week day tripping into the Boundary Waters along the Echo Trail. One evening we stopped at Fenske Lake, and took the very short hike down to a little beach. My husband always begs that we please not the kids get soaked when we stop at these on fly roadside places, which of course happens each time. Is that just my family that can't be near water, with out getting completely soaked?  


These are fantastic! My daughter always gets wet - I've stopped trying to keep her dry. Love your daughter's sandals.
Tina Fisher(non-registered)
I love these! Wonderful images! We can't stop by water and not get's' just a part of a child's life, right?
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