Erin Blair Photography | My Minnesota January 2016

My Minnesota January 2016

February 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

After a slight hiatus we are reviving the My Minnesota blog circle. We are a group of photographers around Minnesota and our goal is to showcase what life looks like in this great state. Our summer is hot and humid, our fall colorful and crisp, our winter extreme and our spring, well, let's just say we get an extended winter. 

In January in Minnesota it's pretty common that the temps sit below 0 many days, and some days with the wind chill it drops to -30, so when it's above that we get outside and play and enjoy the winter wonderland. Here is my little guy and his best buddy exploring and just wandering through our back yard in fresh fallen snow on a mild January day. 

Don't forget to follow the circle around and see what my friends are up to. I'm so lucky to have this group of talented ladies in my life. They are pretty awesome. First up is the incredibly talented Lori of Lori Dozier Photography .  


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