Erin Blair Photography | FIVE


January 29, 2015  •  2 Comments

I started taking my kids yearly pictures when my daughter was 1. Actually taking them out and hanging out with them and capturing who they were at that age. I've never been into the perfect smile, I always get one or two just to have, but they are never my favorite. My favorites are always the expressions that define them, the ones where their personality radiates out of them. I went back and looked at my daughters 2 year old pictures, at the time I was so proud of them. I loved them. I still do, but it was fun to compare them to her most recent 5 year old pictures. As photographers sometimes growth can feel stagnant, looking at old pictures can be the motivation and push that we need to keep moving and learning, and realize that we are growing. Here is what my daughter looks like at 5. I shared one of her two year old pictures on facebook, but just one, and I tried not to pick it apart... 


What an amazing gift you have and are sharing with the world. Lucky Lucky little girl to have such a treasure!
those eyes! love every single one of them, erin!
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